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Top ten most strongest and largest armies in the world

It is quite difficult to say how many large and strong armies are operating in different countries of the world. But certainly there are some dominating names in every state. 
An army with its soldiers and weapons is responsible to protect the state and create an environment of harmony and peace. Here are the top 10 strongest and largest armies in the world.

10. United StatesArmy:

Largest and Strongest Armies
The United States Army belongs to USA. It is operating since a long and its major focus is to defend the country from internal and external political and social issues. The soldiers of this army protect the boundary lines of USA and work for the betterment of the people.

9. Israel Iron Dome:

Largest and Strongest Armies
Israel Iron Dome was founded in 2009. This is one of the largest and strongest armies in the world. The country spends millions of dollars for supporting this army so that it can perform its functions in an effective way.

8. South KoreaMilitary Exercise:

Largest and Strongest Armies
The South Korea Military Exercise is performing its function very well. This army is being funded by Japan and China as well. It has so far spent over USD35 billions for various of its defense projects. This army has over 600,000 active personnel with a reliable international repute.

7. Japan Self-Defense Army:

Largest and Strongest Armies
The Japan army self defense force is being funded by both USA and Japan. It started its operation about 40 years ago. This army is responsible to defend the country from external attacks and reduce the number of terrorists inside the state.

6. German Special Forces:

Largest and Strongest Armies
German special forces is a powerful army that falls under the economic strengths of Germany. This army is supportive for eastern European NATO members to much extent. It has successfully completed the defense projects of over USD40 billions.

5. Turkish Military Honor Guard:

Largest and Strongest Armies
Turkish military honor guard has spent more than 10 million during 2013 for its ongoing conflicts of Syria. This is one of the strongest armies in the world. Its members contribute a lot to defend Turkey and its boundary lines from the neighboring states.

4. British SoldierAfghanistan:

Largest and Strongest Armies
The British soldiers in Afghanistan work day and night to keep the Afghan nation secure and protected. This is one of the biggest and strongest army powers in the world. It was founded in July, 2011.

3. French SoldiersMali:

Largest and Strongest Armies
French Soldiers Mali was founded on 25th July, 2013. This army operates not only in France but also at international level. Its members are spread all over the world and the government spends millions of dollars for the success of its defense projects.

2. ChinaAssociated Press:

Largest and Strongest Armies
The China Associated Press was founded a few years back. Its massive military forces work day and night for keeping the defense of the state maintained. The estimated soldiers of this army are 2,185,000.

1. USS Eisenhower:

Largest and Strongest Armies
The USS Eisenhower is a great and most powerful army of USA. It is operated with 20 aircraft carriers and plenty of soldiers. This army is known best for its high budget defense projects.

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