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Register free domain awardspace.com for life

free domain for life

With web hosting plans from AWARDSPACE.COM you have the opportunity to get an absolutelyfree domain for life. With most of our web hosting packages you can register a new or transfer an existing domain name for life with no additional taxes apart from the hosting fee. Your free domain for life will remain free as long as you renew your shared or semi-dedicated hosting plan with us. This is very convenient because you can manage your hosting account and domain name from one place, without having to remember multiple credentials.


How to get a free .com domain registration

You are not limited only to a free .com domain registration. Other TLDs like .net, .org, .us, .info, and .biz are also available for new signups. This makes the shared and semi-dedicated hosting plans just that more attractive. What’s even better than a free .com domain registration? With the Max Pack Plus plan you even get 2 free domains for life instead of one.


Save money and time and pay only for the hosting of your website. Your domain name will be automatically renewed every time you renew your hosting account. You basically get a free domain name registration with the following web hosting packages.
Hosting plans that offer free domains for life include:

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