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How to create easier Instagram account shortime only

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Instagram is a social network where you can use images to share any moment of life with your friends. It is the first social platform created specifically for mobile devices. This social network stands out because it is fast and easy to use. You just take a picture, add filters, add a title, and share; that's how easy it is to use Instagram. If you want to create an account, keep reading and we will tell you which steps to follow.

Download the application on your mobile device. We previously mentioned that the social network Instagram is the first designed for mobile devices, although it is possible to access it from a computer. Depending on the type of mobile device you have, you can download the application from the App Store (iPhone or iPad), Google Play (Android), or Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone). You just have to search for "Instagram."

Install Instagram. Once you have downloaded the application, click on the "Open" button, which will lead you to a page where you can create a new user account in Instagram.

Go to the registration menu.Instagram will show you two registration options: with your Facebook account or with your e-mail. In this case, choose the "Register with E-mail" option.

Complete the registration with your e-mail, username, and password.Submit a valid e-mail, because Instagram will ask you to verify it; also, it is where you will receive your log-in information. Then, add your platform username and the required password.

Register your phone number. You should register your phone number to make it easier for Instagram to verify your profile. Right now, they are using an SMS system so that users won't receive spam. Don't forget to add your country code.

Fill out the information. Fill out your profile information, personal details, description, blog, etc...any information necessary for people to get to know your taste and personality.

Confirm your e-mail address.Remember to check your inbox to finish your Instagram registration. There, you should find a verification e-mail.

Enjoy Instagram. You are now a valid Instagram user. Start posting and sharing pictures with your friends, and you will become part of a community that gets bigger every day.

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