Best managers & players Premier League 2015-2016 season

The Premier League 2015-16 season has one game left and fans are already waiting for next season. This campaign gave us great moments and a champion we did not expect. Here is the best and worst of the Premier League 2015-16 season:


Claudio Ranieri
The best manager to many this season is Claudio Ranieri. It is easy to see why, he helped Leicester City take first place and remain there until the end. The result? They’re now the Premier League champions and will be in the Champions League next year. The title win is one of the greatest in sports history and the club will now have to try to sign and keep some of its best players. Ranieri also handled everything with good humor throughout the season and the pressure never got to his team.

Mauricio Pochettino took Tottenham to third place and into the Champions League. The team remained in the race for the Premier League title for most of the season and the coach will return as he has signed a new contract that will keep him there until 2021.
Jose Mourinho and Chelsea did not have a good campaign. The team had a really bad start to the season and Mourinho left after his ninth Premier League loss. This shocked us all as Chelsea had an amazing season the year before and looked as contenders to repeat for the EPL title. Chelsea improved in the second half of the season but finished in tenth place, with twelve wins, fourteen draws and twelve losses. Antonio Conte will be arriving to the club after the UEFA Euro 2016.

Best Players

Leicester City has a number of names in this list. Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kante all stood out and helped the club win the EPL title. Vardy finished second in the EPL goal scorers list, with 24 goals. Harry Kane took first place with 25 goals but Leicester City players are an obvious choice for this category. Sergio Aguero and Romelu Lukaku finished third and fourth in the EPL goal scorers list. Dimitri Payet also had a great season and we will soon find out if he is staying or moving to another club.
This season had lots of good matches but some stood because they were the start of a great run or simply because teams just kept scoring. One of the most remembered is Liverpool’s comeback against Norwich City, a match that had nine goals. Liverpool won 5-4 after Adam Lallana scored in the last few seconds of the game. Leicester City fans remember the 3-1 win against Manchester City. The team left with a five point lead and looked unstoppable for the rest of the season. Liverpool fans also remember the 4-1 win against Manchester City. The big win did not help them win the EPL and they later lost to Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final but the club will soon play in the Europa League final against Sevilla.
Every season, clubs sell and makes a few signings to add talent to their roster. This season was no different, we saw big stars move to other clubs and score important goals. Leicester City made a few signings, one of those was N’Golo Kante, who arrived to the club in a £5.6 million transfer. The Frenchman could join another club soon but the signing was an important part of their title win. Anthony Martial moved to Manchester United in one of the most expensive EPL signings this season but he did help the club with a number of goals. Toby Alderweireld is also part of this list, the player joined Tottenham in a £11.5 million transfer.

Premier League
Next Season

Fans are already talking about next season and transfers rumors are now all over the Internet. Leicester City will have to make a few signings again as they will compete in the Champions League. Arsenal is already part of the transfer rumors, one of the players that could make a move to the club is midfielder Granit Xhaka, who could join before the UEFA Euro 2016. Tottenham has the Premier League Golden Boot winner but the team will also have to bring in more talent if they want to compete for the EPL title. Bournemouth striker, Callum Wilson, is said to be one of the players they’re interested in signing. Manchester City signed a few stars before the season but Pep Guardiola is their next manager, so big changes could be coming.

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