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Top Mobile Postpaids Plan In Malaysia, Which better?

The state of telephony and Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia has been evolving. After all, it is only in the recent years that we are presented with smart mobile devices, and then tablets which could surf the net well, while not breaking the various sites we visit.

Also, with the advent of 3G technology in Malaysia and the emergence of DiGi and followed by U Mobile, which rocked the telecommunications industry with their competitive pricing and catchy ads, have made it so much easier to being online and browse the internet via your phone.

The problem now that if you are have a smart phone, you would have noticed that it is indeed not wise to go without a data plan. It would only mean scurrying around for WiFi signals at public places when you are out, while missing out on important messages and emails, or having to resort the costly sms service here in Malaysia.

In comparison, having a data plan enables friends, family and acquaintances to send things like voice messages, maps, directions and even bank details on the go, making you mobile and efficient.

The Confusing State of Mobile Postpaid Plans in Malaysia

However, Mobile Postpaid Plans in Malaysia are a mixed bag, with various providers turning out a spectrum of packages, that at times can be confusing to the end-user. In addition to new plans being churned out a different times by the operators, the postpaid plans in Malaysia can be quite costly, depending on your take home pay. In comparison, postpaid plans in places like UK and US are more affordable, if we calculate them on the percentage of the take home income basis.
Here is where we as TechGarage would like to help you. In order to gain the most out of your Mobile Postpaid plan here in Malaysia, we will present you a breakdown of the various postpaid plans in Malaysia and the best value for money depending on your needs.
For starters, we won’t be reviewing iPhone postpaid plans, which comes with the iPhone when you purchase those on contract with the various operators. That comes in our regularly updated post on postpaid iPhone plans.
We have also decided not to include sms plans into the comparison, as sms, together with mms, are becoming more irrelevant as we speak, as smart phone sales continue to rise and gain majority marketshare worldwide. 1 However, sms might be here to stay for the next few years, as the senior citizens in Malaysia slowly switch over their feature phones to smart phones.
Before we continue, please find the comparison table between the various telco operators in Malaysia. We have included the big three players (Celcom, DiGi & Maxis), and the upstart, U Mobile. In creating this comparison table, we are surprised ourselves with how much the landscape of Mobile Postpaid Plans in Malaysia has changed.

Name of Postpaid PlanBundled InternetVoice Calls (sen/minute)Minimum Monthly Commitment (RM)Special
Celcom First Blue2GB2045Free 50 mins
Free 2GB on weekends
Celcom First Gold5GBFree80Free 5GB on weekends
DiGi Smartplan 653GBFree65Free WhatsApp & WeChat
DiGi Smartplan 757GBFree75Free WhatsApp & WeChat
DiGi Smartplan 50 (High Data)3GB1550Free 100 mins
DiGi Smartplan 78 (High Data)3GB1578Free 200 mins
DiGi Smartplan 98 (High Data)4GB15108Free - 300 minutes
DiGi Smartplan 148 (High Data)7GB10148Free - 400 minutes
DiGi Smartplan 238 (High Data)10GB10238Free - 1000 minutes
DiGi Smartplan 50 (High Voice)250MB1550Free - 400 mins
DiGi Smartplan 78 (High Voice)1GB1578Free - 800 minutes
DiGi Smartplan 98 (High Voice)2GBFree98
DiGi Smartplan 148 (High Voice)5GBFree148
DiGi Smartplan 238 (High Voice)8GBFree238
Maxis SurfMore 502GB12 (on-net)
15 (off-net)
37.50 when hit RM150 usage
MaxisOne Plan 981GBFree98
MaxisOne Plan 1283GBFree128
MaxisOne Plan 1585GBFree158
MaxisOne Plan 1888GBFree188
U Mobile U283GB18 - On-net
20 - Off-net
28Free - 50 mins
U Mobile P505GB1050Free - 50 mins
Free - 30 mins daily On-net
U Mobile Hero P707GBFree70Free Internet Roaming - 50MB Daily
U Mobile Platinum15GB18498Free 1200 mins - On-net
Free 1200 mins - Off-net
U Mobile Ultimate Device 653GB10
Free - 60 minutes
U Mobile Ultimate Device 955GB10
Free - 90 minutes
U Mobile Ultimate Device 1356GB10
Free - 130 minutes

We have separated the topup rates for data in this update. This will make it easier for you to browse the strengths and weaknesses of each postpaid plan.

 CelcomDiGiMaxisMaxis SurfmoreU Mobile
100MBRM3/30 days
200MBRM10/30 days
500MBRM10/30 daysRM10/3 daysRM20/30 daysRM25/30 days
1GBRM15/30 daysRM20/7 daysRM30/30 daysRM35/30 days
1.5GBRM10/3 days
2GBRM30/7 days
4GBRM50/10 days
5GBRM50/30 days

Best Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia for Voice

postpaid plans 3
In this issue of best postpaid plan for voice, we have three out of our four operators offering unlimited talk time, compared to two previously. U Mobile graciously jumped into the fray with their U Mobile Hero P70 plan, which gives the most amount of data as well.

This makes it really interesting as U Mobile isn’t known for their wide coverage. But U Mobile excels in major towns and does the job well if you do not need to travel often.
DiGi cancelled their Smartplan 108 and added a Smartplan 98 with similar offerings to MaxisOne’s Plan 98. 

However, they ensured that they give you an additional GB of data as compared to Maxis. Recently, DiGi added a time-limited DiGi SmartPlan 65 and SmartPlan 75. As these are time-limited offers, we held off updating our article for awhile. But it seems like the SmartPlan 65 might be here to stay.

Let us look at the entry point for each of our competitor below and assess their strengths and weaknesses.
  • U Mobile Hero P70 – Unlimited talk time, 7GB data – RM 70
  • Celcom First Gold – Unlimited talk time, 5GB data – RM 80
  • DiGi SmartPlan 65 – Unlimited talk time, 3GB data – RM 65*
  • DiGi SmartPlan 75 – Unlimited talk time, 7GB data – RM 75
  • DiGi SmartPlan 98 – Unlimited talk time, 015GB data – RM 98
  • MaxisOne Plan 98 – Unlimited talk time, 1GB data – RM 98
While its competitors had unlimited talk time for awhile, Celcom chose to wait. However, they are now in the game with the Celcom First Gold. While it was clear that MaxisOne Plan 98 was the best in June 2015, it is no longer the case anymore. With the new and improved plans from Celcom, DiGi and U Mobile, the best voice plan is conditional. Let us explore the conditions.
Report Card
  • U Mobile – A
  • DiGi – A
  • Celcom  – B+
  • Maxis – D

a) Best for the person in town who rarely travels outstation.

While U Mobile is working hard on their offerings, the U Mobile Hero P70 is a killer offering, valid until the end of 2015 only. With the Hero P70, U Mobile jumps right in the middle of the DiGi and Maxis feud and beats both of them in terms of value.

7GB of data is a good amount. And if you stay in major towns like Georgetown, Ipoh, Kota Bahru, Johor Bahru and the likes, U Mobile is the best for you. And you could always purchase a prepaid if you travel outstation.

b) Best for the outstation person or the salesman who needs to visit outstation customers regularly

If you live on the outskirts of town, or out of U Mobile’s coverage, Celcom is now the plan to go with. With the Celcom First Gold, you get unlimited talk time, easy top ups and best coverage. Maxis, which held the title, sadly lost it as they kept up their expensive prices and measly bandwidth allocation.

c) Where does DiGi stand?

DiGi has significantly improved over the last few months. So much that I cancelled my DiGi iPhone contract in order to subscribe to the SmartPlan 65 and then 75. DiGi comes with better coverage than U Mobile for just a fraction of the price. However, if you’re going to East Malaysia, DiGi’s lack of 3G/4G coverage is still frustrating.

Best Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia for Coverage

If you happen to travel out of Klang Valley on a regular basis, you might prefer Celcom, who still has the best 3G coverage in Malaysia. In comparison, while U Mobile has expanded their coverage range, you would better be served with U Mobile if you stay in town for places like Terengganu, Johor, Penang, Kedah and Klang Valley. We do not blame U Mobile for focusing their resources on where majority of their customers are, as the Mobile Postpaid market is dominated by the oligopoly of DiGi, Maxis and Celcom.

We have noticed that DiGi has made the effort to improve their 3G/4G LTE coverage areas by quite a fair bit. In the latest DiGi coverage map, DiGi now has better 3G coverage of East Malaysia, though Celcom still leads it by a fair bit.

Report Card
  • Celcom – A
  • Maxis – A-
  • DiGi – B+
  • U Mobile – D

Best Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia for heavy surfers

Since our last update, there has been a lot of changes. For data itself, U Mobile wins with Hero P70 with 7GB at RM 70 per month and unlimited talk time plan. However, U Mobile’s top up plans are atrocious and can cost you more than you bargain, especially if you hit 7GB easily.
DiGi’s time limited SmartPlan 75 gives us 7GB of data as well, but with slightly better top up options. The best would still be Celcom First Gold with their 5GB plan and 5GB free on weekends. While they start off with less data, Celcom allows you to easily top up your data if you run out.

Maxis has not shown any improvements as they hope their branding would be good enough for new subscribers. If the news that Maxis lost 377k subscribers in 4Q15 doesn’t shock them, the very fact that they remain uncompetitive means that they are bound to lose more subscribers. We only hope that they have something competitive soon.
Report Card
  • Celcom – A-
  • DiGi – B+
  • U Mobile – B+
  • Maxis – D

Best Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia below RM 100

We have much better choices nowadays. For below RM 100, we would personally go with either DiGi SmartPlan 65 and unlimited talk time for their slightly better top up plans, or Celcom’s First Gold for their unlimited talk time with better top ups. If you’re a heavy user, you should go with Celcom though.

Best Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia on a budget

If you a student or have a budget constraint, you might want to consider U Mobile’s U28 plan, which gives you 3GB of data and a slightly pricier charge of 20 sen/min for off network calls (meaning U Mobile to other operators). This would enable you to save on sending out smses and get unto the data plan bandwagon.
With a compelling Hero P70 plan, U Mobile ensures that you don’t have to switch out of U Mobile but keep staying on with the best provider for budget users within major towns. If you don’t need the extra data, DiGi’s SmartPlan 65 might be an even better deal. Otherwise, add RM 10 and you can consider both the U Mobile Hero P70 plan or the DiGi SmartPlan 75.
Report Card
  • U Mobile – A
  • DiGi – A
  • Celcom – B+
  • Maxis – D

Biggest Mobile Postpaid Plan Improvement

Since our last update in September 2015, we have seen Celcom and DiGi step up their plans to offer unlimited talk time plans. While DiGi might be taking it as a temporary plan while waiting U Mobile out, Celcom has decided to drop all their First One plans and moved on with their Celcom First Gold plan, which offers unlimited talk time and reasonable top ups. Overall, we are excited with what our three telco operators have done.
Also, Celcom decided to bring back a sub-RM50 plan with their Celcom First Blue. If you are on a budget, the Celcom First Blue costs only RM 45 for almost the same amount of features as their previous plan, the Celcom First One Plan. That means, Celcom is effectively offering you RM 23 off as the previous plan was at RM 68 per month.

Biggest Downgrading Of Plans

We do not have issues with plans being downgraded this time around. Rather, we are excited that Malaysians will have affordable plans to decide upon

Biggest Disappointment

We’re disappointed by Maxis’ lack of initiative. While the rest of the telcos are offering better plans at lower price and higher bandwidth, Maxis continues to keep their prices up. As telecommunications improve, it becomes cheaper to send more data over a similar bandwidth. This is due to better compression algorithms and better processors. As such, we do hope Maxis wakes up from their slumber.

Which Mobile Postpaid plan in Malaysia should I consider?

It seems that Malaysian Telco Operators have differentiated their offerings, with each focusing on a different niche, to gain the most out of their respective segments.

Final Rating for Celcom

If you’re looking for something you can rely on and not get frustrated with, we believe Celcom has hit the right spots. While they still offer less bandwidth at more expensive prices than their competitors, the easy top up options and an entry level Celcom First Blue, makes us give them a great rating of A
Overall Rating : A

Final Rating for DiGi

DiGi responded to U Mobile and consumers by coming out with the SmartPlan 65 and 75, the cheapest unlimited talk time plan in Malaysia.  While we love DiGi, their lack of 3G/4G coverage for East Malaysia and troublesome top up options gives them only a B+
Overall Rating : B+

Final Rating for Maxis

Maxis’ latest plans were good for those who travel outstation and need to call often. But at RM 98, we urge Maxis to consider offering its subscribers a similar plan for Spotify and unlimited surfing via Opera or Chrome. Currently, with limited a 150MB free quota for Spotify, we still think Maxis could improve further to improve its position against its competitors.3
Overall Rating : D

Final Rating for U Mobile

While great for people on a budget, and having the best download speed among all telco operators 4, U Mobile’s tough position of starting later in the industry weighs heavily on its coverage and the price of its voice plans/min. However, with the frustrating limited additional internet at RM 10 for 1.5GB for only 3 days and the limited coverage, U Mobile needs to tweak their packages to be the best postpaid plan in Malaysia that we could so readily encourage others to purchase.
Currently though, we would recommend people to start their Mobile Postpaid plans with U Mobile. And with the generous U Mobile Hero P70 plan running, switch over as soon as possible.
Overall Rating : A

Conclusion of the Best Mobile Postpaid Plan in Malaysia


We call it a tie between Celcom and U Mobile. While U Mobile is cheaper, Celcom has better coverage and better top up options. But both are very viable options.

Source - techgarage.my 

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