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Top Best iPhone 6 Screen Protectors of 2016

You probably spent a lot of money on your new iPhone 6. You buy the phone, you buy a plan, you buy a charger, you buy a case. Now what? One of the most important purchases that anyone can make when it comes to any mobile device is a screen protector. You may think that a quality case makes any screen protector redundant, but you would be wrong. 
Although a case can protect your phone from drops and bumps, only a screen protector is able to protect from scratches. If you’re someone who throws your iPhone in a bag with coins, keys, and other potentially dangerous items, you should probably invest in a screen protector. And even if you don’t needone, I hardly think that something as inexpensive as a screen protector should keep you from protecting your new iPhone, which is worth hundreds of dollars.
Shopping for screen protectors can be kind of confusing, though. They come in all different materials, sizes, and so on. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best iPhone 6 screen protectors. Hopefully with this article, you’ll be a little more informed in your search for the perfect screen shield. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Maxboost Tempered Glass Screen Protector

maxboost-screenWe no longer live in a time when all screen protectors are little plastic stickers. In fact, most screen protectors that you’ll find these days are made of tempered glass. This Maxboost protector is one such. Although tempered glass screen protectors are still capable of scratching, they offer protection superior to that of plastic screen protectors. Plus, they’re inexpensive enough to be replaced in the event of an accident.
Maxboost offers great protection, but it also offers great clarity. They advertise that their protector is 99.9% clear, which means that you don’t have to worry about your color or display being distorted upon application. The coating on the glass also protects your screen from water, oils, and other liquids. This product retails for less than $10, which is good, but still kind of expensive as far as protectors go. Still, you’re paying for a certain level of quality and protection that you won’t always find with cheaper alternatives.

2. JETech iPhone 6 Screen Protector

It’s possible that you aren’t looking for a more “premium” solution when it comes to screen protectors. That’s perfectly reasonable. Spending $8 on a piece of glass to go on top of your iPhone feels a little silly, especially when plastic screen protectors can be perfectly functional. JETech’s screen protectors are much more affordable than most tempered glass protectors, and you can grab a three-pack for around $5.
jetech-screenJETech is definitely higher end, as far as plastic protectors go. When you remove this product from your screen, you won’t have to deal with any sticky residues afterwards. This should make the replacement process a lot more convenient. Keep in mind though, that plastic protectors are inexpensive for a reason. Applying the protectors (which are basically just stickers) can take a bit of trial-and-error, and result in air bubbles if you’re not careful. Plus, they’re not quite as durable as glass, meaning they may have to be replaced often if you aren’t careful. Still, if you’re looking for a good all-around plastic protector, this is the way to go.

3. Kroma Krystalin

One of the biggest issues that you may encounter with a tempered glass screen protector is touch sensitivity. When you’re placing something so thick on top of your screen, you could be affecting how well the touchscreen functions. Sometimes, screen protectors can mean that your touchscreen becomes less sensitive, or less accurate. You don’t have to worry about that with Krystalin, which is advertised as the thinnest glass screen protector on the market.
kroma-krystalinKroma’s iPhone 6 screen protector is about as expensive as Maxboost’s, but I think it’s worth every penny. It protects your screen from scratches and bumps, while still maintaining a certain degree of finesse. Since it’s such a thin, initially fragile protector, installation can be a little tricky, but they give you plenty of tools to work with, like an illustrated instruction kit, and guided stickers, that it never feels overly complicated. The only issue is that, as a thinner glass, your device won’t be quite as well protected from drops. Still, you’re paying for a more precise, unaffected experience. If you’re looking for that, this is the perfect screen protector.

4. Zagg InvisibleShield Mirror Glass

zagg-mirror-glassReading through this list, you may be thinking, “Most of these protectors are made out of tempered glass. Would it be possible to have one that is made out of a different kind of glass?” Yes, you absolutely can. This next screen protector is probably more of a novelty than anything else, but I think it’s pretty cool, and it fulfills a potentially useful purpose. This particular protector is made out of mirror glass, like a two-way mirror. When your phone is off, you can use the front of your device like a mirror. When the light on your screen comes on, the glass becomes fully transparent.
It’s a neat little use that I think is worth paying a little over $10 for. Plus, Zagg has been making screen protectors for a while now, so you can rest assured in knowing that your device will be safe in their hands. When you’re shopping for screen protectors, you’ll find that each one tends to look pretty similar. If anything, I respect Zagg for trying something different, and delivering a cool, unique product to the market.

5. Spigen Steinheil Curved Crystal

When the iPhone 6 was announced, manufacturers paled. As you may have already noticed, the device’s screen has an interesting curvature. This great if you’re using the device normally, but it can be difficult to find a screen protector that fits this curve AND is able to fit in a case. In fact, you’ll find that most screen protectors will tell you right up front that they’re not able to accommodate for the curve. After a lot of looking, I managed to find one that did: Spigen’s Steinheil Curved Crystal protector. iphone6_curved_crystal
This protector is glass, and it protects against the elements very nicely. Its unique, precise design also enables users to fully cover every fragile inch of their touchscreen. Still, you have to pay for this ability. This protector is by far the most expensive on the list, typically retailing at around $25. Whether or not this is worth the price of admission depends on whether or not you think those square centimeters of normally exposed screen are worth shelling out so much money for. Even so, if you’re looking for a screen protector that will cover your screen perfectly, this is probably the best that you’ll be able to get.

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