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Jawab 4 soalan sering ditanya ketika temuduga dalam Bahasa Inggeris dengan mudah

Alamak!! Esok nak temuduga, kecut-kecut perut memikirkan apa yang bakal ditanya oleh bakal majikan. Cewah! Bakal majikan tau!!
Tapi, runsing juga kepala ni memikirkan apa agaknya yang bakal ditanya. Dalam bahasa inggeris ke bahasa melayu? Inggeris?!!! Oh my English!
Chill la, kami ada cara untuk ajar korang. Jangan cemas! Jom hafal apa yang kami nak beritahu ni.

1. Please Introduce Yourself

Jawapan : My name is Laila and I’m 24 years old. I have a degree in Business Administration. Although I haven’t had any working experience, I’ve spent my free time reading business articles and researching about latest business news just to keep me updated. I’m hoping to be given a chance to experience the real world of business.

2. Why do you want to work in this company?

Jawapan : I’ve always loved administration (letak contoh bidang pekerjaan yang dimohon) because I am an organized person. I like things to be organized and systematic. I work well under stress so I can handle any kind of task with minimal supervision.

3. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Jawapan : I hope to become very well-experienced in what I do and have a better understanding of my field.

4. What’s your greatest weakness?

im briliant
Jawapan : I tend to put things to the very last minute (nyatakan kelemahan diselangi dengan kekuatan anda). But I work well under pressure and I personally think that pressure motivates me to work twice as hard and finish my work on time.

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